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5 most commonly used bats by international cricketers

Here are five of the most popularly used cricket bats by international players: #5 SS Gladiator Ton. Sareen Sports Industries manufactures cricket bats, helmets, kit bags and other cricketing items.

Here’s The List Of Most Popular Cricket Bats Used By ...

The international cricketers choose their bats upon the grip, the weight of the bat and take a lot of bats with them in their kit. Some players use a light bat or some use heavy bats. Apart from skills, the batsmen select the bats according to the situation of the match.

5 heaviest bats used by international cricketers

1. David Warner, Gray Nicolls Kaboom Modern day cricketer David Warner has earned a lot of respect when it power-packed... 2. MS Dhoni’s Spartan Bat Captain Cool MS Dhoni is arguably one of the cleanest hitters of the cricket ball in the... 3. Virender Sehwag, SG VS 319 Legendary opener Virender ...

5 most commonly used bats by international cricketers ...

International cricketers choose their bats on their own depending upon its face, grip, willow and weight. Some batsmen like to use a heavyweight bat while others go for a light weight one. Also, there are different willows to choose from like the Kashmir Willow and the English Willow. It mainly depends upon the choice of the batsman or the format of the game like a batsman may choose a different for a Twenty20 match as compared to that chosen in a Test match.

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Who used the heaviest bat in cricket so far? It was Lance Klusener with 1.53 Kg (3.375 pounds) Then comes Sachin Tendulkar with 1.47Kg (3.25 pounds) Followed by Chris Gayle with 1.36 Kg (3 pounds) Closely followed by Sehwag with 1.35 Kg mere 10 gm less than Chris Gayle’s bat. Behind Sehwag is our ...

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Not sure what kind of infomation you are after but i do know that Bradbury bats which are made in West Australia and Laver and Wood bats that are made in New Zealand are the most commonly used in the world however they dont sponsor any cricketers. Obviously blokes like Mike Hussey chuck there own stickers on the bats and rake in sponsors cash.

Best 10 Of Lightest & Heaviest Cricket Bats

The Heaviest cricket bat in international cricket was used by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The MRF/Adidas Master Blaster CX11 J Cricket Bat weighs around 1470 gm, which is the heaviest. Adidas Master Blaster Club, English Willow Cricket Bat, is made with grade 2 English willow, which provides optimum performance with durability.

Who uses the lightest cricket bat in international cricket ...

There are 3 types of woods that are used in making cricket bats all over the world – 1. ENGLISH WILLOW. 2. KASHMIR WILLOW. 3. POPULAR WILLOW. The Popular willows are used in making cricket bats for use only against tennis/plastic balls. English Willow and Kashmir Willow are used for making cricket bats for use against leather cricket balls.

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