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The recent pandemic has accelerated dramatic shifts in shopping behavior for B2B and B2C shoppers — pushing manufacturers to ship individual products directly to customers and end users. All the signs are there: These new shopping behaviors are here to stay. And yet, many manufacturers are still packing their products as if nothing has changed.

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buy tennis gear uk,If your fulfillment operation is shipping individual products using packaging designs intended for pallets, you're likely overlooking hidden costs in freight, labor, damage, and more. Worse, you risk being left behind as online shopping behaviors — and high expectations — continue to accelerate.

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us casino online,Manufacturers that are comfortable with palletized shipments may struggle with the new challenges of parcel fulfillment. Increased damage rates, slow throughput speeds, return logistics, and high shipping costs are common.

It makes sense. For manufacturers, products that were previously only shipped in bulk on pallets (think: toilets, auto parts, large-format electronics) are now also being shipped individually, directly to shoppers.

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  • The five challenges manufacturers face when adding or switching to parcel shipments
  • Real stories of how manufacturers are structuring their fulfillment operations to accommodate parcels
  • Fulfillment and packaging tips from our packaging professionals
  • An inside look at the packaging design process, and why a product should be packed differently for parcel vs. pallet shipments
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