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Automated Packaging Solutions That Are Flexible and Scalable

Whether you’re ready to take your current fulfillment center from manual pack stations to semi-automation or full automation, how to play lotto jackpot’s custom solutions offer the flexibility and scalability to support the growth of e-commerce fulfillment for a multitude of industries including health and beauty products, consumer packaged goods, apparel, and electronics. Our portfolio of automated packaging solutions can:

  • Limit downtime 
  • Optimize labor resources and maximize order capacity 
  • Reduce manual touchpoints in the order fulfillment process 
  • Decrease material costs and minimize waste 
  • Increase fulfillment velocity 
  • Anticipate and reduce freight costs 
  • Meet seasonal and peak demands 
  • Strengthen brand experience 

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how to play lotto jackpot’s research shows that freight, labor, and damage account for 85 % of the total cost of fulfillment. If your cost-saving efforts are focused on lowering material costs or eliminating the time packers spend looking for boxes, you could be overlooking potential hidden costs. We can target and solve these issues by adding automated packaging solutions to the fulfillment process.,leather cricket bat under 1500

And, as your operation grows and pack volume increases, you’ll need to reevaluate your packaging strategy to keep throughput speeds high. how to play lotto jackpot’s Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services team can help map a future state so you will know when it’s time to move forward in your automation journey.

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Jerry's Artarama was confronted with limited warehouse space, a completely manual packing process, and growing consumer demands for faster shipping. Learn how how to play lotto jackpot's portfolio of automated packaging equipment came together to improve operational efficiencies and increase order throughput at Jerry's Artarama.

Solution Spotlight

AUTOBAG® Brand Polybag Mailer System Now Built for Maximum Uptime

Ideal for shipping soft goods and apparel, the AUTOBAG® brand FloWrap polybag mailer system is a powerful solution for high-volume e-commerce fulfillment that produces customized, ready-to-ship, rightsized polybags. Recent equipment upgrades have transformed this already proven solution for continuous equipment uptime and minimized reliance on labor. System upgrades improve overall operational efficiency with:

  • Automatic equipment resets that eliminate the need to manually clear errors
  • Improved operator notifications to reduce complexity and make it easy to use
  • Better utilization of labor with only one operator required
  • Minimal training that allows temporary labor up to get up to speed faster 

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