bet365 login Manufacturing

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                  Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities - bet365 login Manufacturing
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                  Within our 125,000 square foot facility, bet365 login has extensive capabilities. We are a totally self-sustained manufacturing facility complete with machine shop and steel fabrication. We can manufacture conveyor screws and assemblies as small as 2-inch diameter to as large as 168-inch diameter.

                  • We regularly manufacture our products from carbon and 300 series stainless steels as well as abrasion-resistant alloys. For corrosion resistance, we use Monel, Hastalloy, Inconel and other high-nickel alloys. We even manufacture equipment from aluminum whenever weight is a concern.

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                        bet365 login designs and manufactures custom pressure vessels, Hollow-Flight Screw Processors or jacketed screw conveyors to meet the ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes.

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                          Our product lines range from CEMA Standard Screw Conveyor Components to complete Engineered Systems.

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                              ISO 9001:2015
                              The American Society
                              of Mechanical Engineers
                              National Board of Boiler and
                              Pressure Vessel Inspectors
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